About Us

Local residents will know that the old bungalow, provided as a stop gap provision by Dorset County Council has been the home of the Reef Youth Club for many years. Cramped conditions have meant that there has been limited membership for some age groups. Despite a dedicated professional team of Youth Leaders and Volunteers it has been very difficult for them to provide a varied, consistent and quality youth service for their members. Now with new and larger premises they will be able to expand the variety of pursuits offered to young people, especially during winter months.

Our new building will have an open recreation area on the ground floor which will be configured as required for a variety of indoor sporting activities, workshops and events.  The upper floor will have a Kitchen and Coffee Bar, Computer Suite and a Quiet Room for study. It will contain a lift for people with additional needs.  

Earlier this year committee members took the innovative decision to move from a Traditional building to a Timber Frame building on the grounds of cost in order to realise our chosen design within an achievable budget. This wise decision reduced the Capital cost of the project by approximately £200,000 without jeopardising the quality, or the longevity of the building. It also has the benefit of reducing the build time to create the greater space and capacity needed for the overcrowded Youth Club which will be part of the new Community Centre.

A contract for demolishing the bungalow and replacing it with a new building has been negotiated with Complete Solutions Europe, a local builder in Bournemouth. The Timber Frame for the building will be manufactured in Latvia to precise dimensions to ensure that it fits perfectly on the foundations being created locally. A production slot has already been booked so that the timber frame will arrive as soon as the ground works are completed in late July.

We plan to hand over the site to the main contractor in July in order to demolish the existing building and prepare the foundations for the new build. The really heavy work will be undertaken in the school summer holidays when lifting equipment and works traffic can access the site more freely. It is anticipated that the new unfurnished building will be completed by the end of October. We have appointed an independent architect as our contract administrator and agent to oversee the work to ensure that it complies with all appropriate regulations.

Community support has been amazing, there have been many volunteers and many individual supporters, including local churches and their congregations, who have donated not only their time but have also contributed financially to the project and for this we are immensely grateful. We have also received significant support from local authorities in particular Dorset County Council, East Dorset District Council whilst not forgetting the unwavering support of Colehill Parish Council and our neighbours in Wimborne. A significant number of Local Trusts have helped us too and in their honour a Sponsorship Board will be created and displayed in the reception area of our new building.

It is with regret that we have seen other community centres in East Dorset finding it difficult to flourish without community support and committed Trustees and Volunteers. We therefore thank past and present Trustees and Committee Members of the Colehill and Wimborne Youth and Community Centre and commend them on their persistence and courage in having stuck with the project to bring it to fruition.

We are often asked what the REEF stands for - it’s quite simple really;

Residents will appreciate that we are now starting a new chapter in the history of the Reef where we will be expanding the Youth Club and expect to establish a vibrant and viable Community Centre capable of serving the whole community from cradle to grave. It remains to be seen how this will pan out but it is pretty obvious that without voluntary support from the community to organise, run, staff and try new activities it might well flounder, and therefore we are asking anyone who wants to get involved in setting up a new society, club or event to get in touch with us and talk about their requirements.

Of course the new building is just the start we won’t stop now. Not only are the Trustees and Fundraising Committee working hard to raise the necessary funding to equip the building with modern up to date Catering, Play, Sport, Education and Entertainment equipment totalling approximately £20,000, they are also working on the administration, staffing and business plan to ensure that the facility remains sustainable and viable. In this endeavour there is much work to do to ensure that policies and operating procedures are in place so that Service Providers are able to hire facilities and for the community to be able to put on events, hold meetings, run clubs and generally socialise.

Therefore if you are a Service Provider or a Club Administrator and are interested in hiring any of the facilities or wish to establish a regular activity, event, club or society meeting during the day, please do contact the Colehill and Wimborne Youth & Community centre by email through contact@reefcc.org








As you can appreciate the new facility transferred from local authority to voluntary sector control will bring with it regular utility bills and operating costs that will need to be covered financially, which is why we are launching a “Friends of the REEF” appeal in order to create a regular annual income. Application forms can be obtained from committee members or downloaded from our Friends Page.

We would like to thank the whole community for helping us turn our vision into a reality.