Subject: Incident at Reef Youth Club
Dear Parent/Guardian
As I am sure you may be aware there is a post that has been put on facebook informing parents that there has been a knife threat at the Reef Youth Club. Unfortunately, the information shared in that post was inaccurate and I understand has left many parents concerned about their child’s safety whilst at the Reef Youth Club. I would, therefore, like to confirm the facts of the situation as follows:-
On Thursday 17th January at approx. 8.10pm 2 young people of approx. 18-20 yrs of age walked past the Reef Youth Club without any interaction or engagement from them. Unfortunately, a female club member chose to shout out to the young men followed by a further comment from another female club member which caused the young men to turn round and walk back to the outside fence of the club. At this stage, these two young men who appeared to be intoxicated made empty threats towards everyone in the area that they were going to harm people including a member of staff who incidentally was in supervision during this incident.  No knives were involved and this was pure bravado and empty threats.
The Police were called immediately as a precaution the young people concerned were identified quickly and visited by the Police. At which time they admitted that they felt the comments the girls had made were inappropriate and caused them to become angry. The young person concerned apologised profusely for their behaviour and were instructed to stay well away from the Reef. The parent of the girl concerned has been contacted and the matter discussed with them.
Whilst I cannot condone what these young men did, I can confirm that this was not a knife threat incident.  Should you have any concerns I would appreciate it if you would contact me through email or visit the club in an evening at which time we discuss your concerns. Alternatively, you may contact the Police for further information quoting the Incident No. i17-381.
I would like to reassure parents that your children are quite safe at the Youth Club and that they are supervised in outdoor areas at all times. Gates are locked and no can leave or enter without a member of staffs permission. This was an isolated incident, not a regular occurrence and an opportunity to remind young people not to talk or shout at people they do not know.
I trust that this information sets your minds at ease and reassures you of the safety of your child whilst visiting the Reef Youth Centre. However as previously mentioned should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Melanie Ogden (Youth Worker in Charge
Reef Youth & Community Centre
Colehill Lane
BH21 7AB
01202 062121


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